BZA District II Paul Tavaras




 Paul Tavaras,

 1372 South Ave, Stratford, CT 06615




 "Integrity, Detail Oriented, Admiral Customer Service, Strong Verbal Skills, Loyal"



   I am a 56 year old man, married with one daughter, I am a life-long resident of  Stratford, I attended St.James School. I chose to remain in Stratford because I believe in  my community. I worked for the US Postal Service for 20 years and then i worked for the  Hamden Fire Department for 11 years. My neighbors and fellow Stratford residents have  helped develop me into the man I am.  My desire is to  commit myself to be directly  involved in matters that affect our town. Being elected to the Board of Zoning Appeals is  one way for me to give back to this town that has done so much for me. Thank you for  considering me for this position.







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