District 5 Gregory Cann





Stratford Town Council, District 5

Gregory Cann

Address: 234 Klondike Street Stratford CT 06614

Phone number: 860-880-CANN (2266)

E-mail :   greg@cannforcouncil.com

Website:  www.cannforcouncil.com

Political party: Democratic 



 I am a 23 year resident of Stratford's 5th District.   Before purchasing our family home on Klondike Street, I resided in Success Village on North Bishop Ave.    From Success Avenue east to Broadbridge, and from Boston Avenue north to the streets of Stonybrook Co-op, this has been my family's neighborhood for almost 30 years.

 My wife and I raised four children in Stratford.  We have children and grandchildren who are current town residents. Our primary concern is for Stratford to remain a strong family community and a source of pride for residents of all generations.

Our family has a history of community involvement: walking a neighborhood child to the school bus stop, cleaning the park, or checking on an elderly resident.  I am an active community volunteer serving with many Stratford-based social service and municipal agencies: Sterling House, Sound-keeper, Nichols School PTA, CARES and the Board of Education's Financial Review Committee.  Our family has been privileged to participate in many town functions, and work with many town organizations.

One of my objectives as a Town Councilor would be to improve the coordination between our community’s various service agencies, whether they are tax-funded or non-profit, and our commercial businesses – we need better communication and coordination. The Town of Stratford needs to resolve service discrepancies. We cannot continue to let opportunities slip through the cracks.  Waste not, want not.

Professionally, I am an expert in cost/benefit, budget and financial data analysis.   I work with corporations to identify opportunities to improve the quality of  products and services.    These business skills can be applied to the operations of our municipal town government.

You, the residents and businesses of Stratford CT are the reason I am running for 5th District Councilor.   Your vote really counts.   You deserve an active voice in town hall.  You require public, transparent and accountable decisions.   You require follow-through and to assure objectives are being accomplished.  

I am not a politician, but by seeking public office I intend to improve the quality of services delivered by our town's government.   I am a business professional and family man with three generations residing in Stratford who strongly believes in our town’s ability to achieve success. 

Together, we Cann do it!



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