About the Stratford Democrats

OUR STRATFORD DEMOCRATIC TOWN COMMITTEE is an advocate for responsive & effective leadership, open and transparent government, tangible economic development for local and small businesses, careful fiscal restraint, preservation of our community character, housing that is affordable, increasing home values, education that lifts every child, conservation of our environmental treasures, and social progress.

It is my hope that you join us in fighting for those things that matter most, the quality of life in our Town of Stratford. By participating in the electoral process, you can make a difference in our Town. As you may know, President Obama and Senator Murphy carried Stratford by huge margins. With your help, we can elect good Democrats to our local offices and improve our Town.

The time is ripe. Join us as we fight for meaningful change.

Stephanie Philips
Stratford Democratic Town Chairman

 District 1 

Edward Buckmir
Susan Collier
Ann Coonley
Beth Daponte
Janice Daponte
Laura Dobosz
Alexander Florek
Joseph Gill
Lisa Kasak
Richard Kennedy
James (Eric) Lazaro
Linda Manos
Edward Monroe
Rosanne Neri
Joseph Paul
Anthony Smith
Patricia Sperling
Jim Vigliotti
Mary Young

District 2

Ann Baker
Lauren Baker
Christopher Cormier
Melissa Fahey
Scott Farrington-Posner
Jf Joseph
Kent Miller
Steve Raguskus
Orna Rawls
Ariana Rawls-Fine

District 3

Mark Blackwell
William Boyd
Emma Brooks
Linda Fernandez-Johnson
Dwight James
Aamir Kadeem
Wali Kadeem
Pat Patusky
Stephanie Philips
Deserie Sargent
Shawn Sequeira
Paul Tavaras

District 4

Peggy Barnish                                                                                                                                                                   David Harden                                                                                                                                                                 Carmen Torres

District 5

Greg Cann
Immacula Cann
Cathryn Cann-Costas
Joseph Gresko
Barbara Heimlich
Irena Kandybowicz
Joseph Petruccelli
Mary Ray
Rose Mary Wong

District 6

Meg (Margaret) Bachtel
Rafael Irizarry
Mary Kalm
Maureen McEvoy
Prez Palmer
Jerry Streets
Harold Watson
Phil (Philip) Young

District 7

Janice Andersen
Robert Bradley
Lorraine Calzelta
Diane Elias
Maria Ferrera
Sean Haubert
Donald Putrimas

District 8

Adam Brill
Richard Brown
Rick (Richard) Brown, Jr
James Connolly
Robert (Bob) David
Sonja Devitt
Anna Scala
Judy Scala
Michael Scala
Elaine Watson

District 9

Jane Alessie
Maria Buturla
Richard Buturla
Richard Buturla
Robyn Greenspan
Mark Juliano
Joseph Maida
Susan Maida
Rick Marcone
Dan Milewski
Lenny Petruccelli
Jancee Pust-Marcone
Anthony (Tony) Schirillo
Eileen Wilson

District 10

Frank Bevacqua
Ken Bishop
Nancy Burban
Vinny Faggella
Glenn Herde
Ronald Hojdich
Irene Kostzewski
Tina Manus
John Sober

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